For the first-time, director Om Prakash Rao has planned a film with Real Star Upendra and Ravichandran. They will be starring together in the film and Kanakapur Srinivas will be producing it.

As Upendra is currently busy with the shoot of ‘I Love You’ and Ravichandran is busy with other projects. Om Prakash has planned to start the shoot from August 24, 2018, and the shoot is scheduled for 75 days.

It's a news for great excitement for Kannadiga film fans to see Upendra and Om Prakash on screen for the first time. Om Prakash and Ravichandran have previously worked in the film 'Sahukara' together.

Om Prakash is also planning to name the film as ‘Hoysala’ in which three leading actresses will be featured. Nimika Ratnakar is the first one on board, whereas the other two actresses are yet to be finalized. 

By - TNN |Updated: Jul 18, 2018, 16:44 IST